Adam Méndez

Craig Irving

Adam is our specialist recordist for Foley and ADR.

He has overseen the major refit of the Foley room and has created the Foley tracks for all recent Twickenham mixes, including Exodus; Gods and Kings, Woman in Gold, and Big Eyes.

Adam started out studying biochemistry at King’s College London until he realised that watching movies could be turned into job. He started at Vidfilm (now Technicolor) in 2001 and headed for the Foley studio. He cut his teeth on TV institutions Midsomer Murders and Lewis before getting a shot on Slumdog Millionaire. After the huge recognition the film received, his mother finally forgave him for not being a scientist.

He travels as often and as far away as he can and even takes his sound gear with him on holiday! He is usually the only one on the beach fully dressed pointing a dead cat at the sea. He has a very patient wife.

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