Andrew Boswell

Andrew BoswellCommercial Director

In the role of Twickenham’s Commercial Director, Andrew Boswell heads up the studios’ sales team and is responsible for the company’s film and TV drama financing in the form of facility investments against production and post-production services.

Prior to joining Twickenham, he was Commercial Director at post facility Lipsync, where he was responsible for Lipsync’s film and TV drama sales and project investment strategy and led the firm into international film co-production.

Before his career at Lipsync, Boswell was Commercial Manager at post house Molinare and prior to that was an independent film producer for The Mob Film Company where he handled the company’s independent film production, in particular the financing and structuring of international co-productions.

He is also a qualified Quantity Surveyor in a part of his career he would prefer to forget!

A keen lover of watching sport and in particular football (allegiances deliberately withheld!), he is never happier than when he is being thrown about the inside of rally cars in various forests around the UK.

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