Twickenham Studios has offered investment in both feature films and high end TV drama in the form of equity investment.

Investments will be made against production spend on Twickenham Studios existing and future production and post-production services including (but not limited to) sound stages, production offices, world class sound post-production and the recently added picture post-production.
Note: a condition of these investments is that any spend must include an element of post-production spend and cannot be for production services alone.

The project does not need to be UK qualifying but where that is the case, the UK tax credit would be in addition to any Twickenham Studios investment and can be cashflowed by a third party.

The equity investment and UK tax credit combined make the cost of working in the UK very competitive internationally as a location for production and post production.

Our financing is not available for project development, completion funding, short films and feature films that do not have a completion bond (not applicable to high end TV drama). It is however compatible with all other forms of production financing.

In order to assess a project, please send us the script(s), details of those involved, the outline production schedule and the full below the line budget in the first instance without which we are unable to progress a potential investment offer.

Please email for further details.