Q&A with Tom Wheeler

Tom WheelerRunner

Tom Wheeler

What made you want to get into the film industry?
I’ve always had a keen interest in film since I was a young lad. My interest turned into something more serious when I received a place on The Film Production course at the Arts Institute Bournemouth. Over my three years I spent studying, I grasped a greater knowledge of the film process and realised the sector in which I would like to work within; cinematography.

When did you start at TW1 Studios?
Just after graduating from university I worked at The Crown pub in Twickenham. On a sunny day in August I found myself serving food for Maria – TW1 Studios Chief Operating Officer – which was coincidentally her birthday meal with the Twickenham Studios management team. There I spoke to Maria about the studios and if there were any vacancies. I later sent my CV to the studios and after a week’s trial I was a fully-fledged runner at the Film Studios by September 2013.

What have you done during your time here? What learnings will you take with you.
More to the point what haven’t I leant over the past 11 months! Apart from making the best coffee in Twickenham, I’ve learnt to be a far greater team member and a little less self-obsessed. After studying in depth the process of cinematography I’ve now witnessed first-hand the post production side of film. It has been interesting watching the sound mixing, ADR and in particular Foley sessions on the numerous films since my time at the studios.

What are you going on to do next?
I will be making the short distance move to Karma Crew (they are also based at TW1 Studios) – a video production company that offers creative film and production service to agencies, production houses and broadcasters. I have been given the role of camera assistant which I’m very excited to take on. They also shoot a lot of sport and I’m a self-proclaimed sports fan; I actually worked on a BBC commercial (shot by Karma) that featured Lewis Hamilton jumping out of a plane, which was incredibly fun.

What is your long term dream/goal?
To climb my way up the film ladder and work on TV programmes, documentaries, commercials and films that people thoroughly enjoy and that inspire others to work in this exciting, flourishing, yet crazy industry.