Our Stages

The three stages are sound-proofed and operate on a ‘four wall’ basis. Dressing rooms, star apartments, make up, hairdressing, wardrobe departments and camera rooms are situated adjacent to each stage.


Measures 7,500 sq. ft. and has a height of 34 ft.

Size: 35.9m x 19.5m (118 ft x 64 ft)

Area: 701 sq m (7,552 sq. ft.)

Stage 1 Full Specs


Measures just over 15 x 12 metres. It is the ideal location for a smaller set or photographic shoot. A rising door between this stage and Stage 3 allows for an L-shaped area of approximately 700 square metres (7530 sq. ft.)

Size:15.2m x 12.2m (50ft x 40ft)

Area: 186 square metres (2,000 sq. ft.)


Links to Stage 2 by a rising door (15′ x 12′ wide) making an L-shaped area of 700 square metres (7530 sq. ft).

Size: 28.35 metres x 18.30 metres (93ft x 60ft)

Area: 515 square metres (5,551 sq. ft.)