Theatre 3

Twickenham Studios Theatre 3

Theatre 3 is our dedicated space in which to record artists’ ADR, host and record Foley sessions, or even complete the mix.

We offer all current popular connectivity solutions for remote ADR sessions including ISDN, Source Connect, Skype, or even just a simple telephone hookup!  At completion of the session the audio is quickly placed on our FTP site so that there is no hold up in the workflow, wherever the edit is taking place.

Our Foley team pride themselves on their ever expanding range of Foley props and surfaces which can be used to greatly enhance the detail of any soundtrack.  This detail and polish that  Foley can bring to a project can be fully realised in Theatre 3.  Created as a custom built studio the room offers a large and ultra-quiet environment in which to record the most delicate effect, or the loudest impact.

In addition to all of this Theatre 3 is an accomplished mix room in its own right and is fitted with JBL 7.1 monitoring and HD projection to ensure seamless translation to the cinema environment, or to our other mix rooms.  Compatibility with Theatres 1 and 2 is further enhanced thanks to the AMS Neve Gemini PS1 mixing console, ensuring a smooth workflow and the highest audio quality at all times.