Telephone System User Guide

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Outside Line

For an outside line – dial “9” and then the number as usual.

Place a call on hold

  • Press the “Hold” button – click the red light to retrieve the call.

Transfer a call

  • Press the “Transfer” key
  • Dial extension required
  • Speak to the extension if you wish and then hang up when you’d like the call to connect.

Conference calls

  • Dial the number required
  • With the call on the line press the “Conference” key
  • Dial the required number or extension
  • Announce the conference/caller and press the “Conference” key again.
  • To include other parties repeat the same format. NB – (Maximum of 6 lines and only 2 can be external)

System digital telephones

These telephones have a red light above the keypad to show when messages have been received.

To retrieve messages

  • Press the voicemail button – enter your extension number backwards.

To set voicemail

  • STEP 1: Voicemail – enter your password (backwards)
  • STEP 2: Additional options – 0
  • STEP 3: Personal greetings – 5
  • STEP 4: Edit mailbox greeting – 7

To call forward

  • STEP 1: Press 601
  • STEP 2: Press 9
  • STEP 3: Enter your mobile number
  • STEP 4: Press speaker button

When you would like to cancel the divert just press the ‘Call Fwd’ button.

Once this is set up you only need to press ‘Call Fwd’ to divert.