Piers Read is smiling at the camera, with a back background behind him.

Piers Read


Piers Read has worked in Television production and Studios since his teenage years and is known to have been the producer on world-renowned and award-winning global hits Peep Show and The Inbetweeners. He has since left his mark on the UK studio industry.

Buying Wimbledon Studios from Thames Television in 2010 was the prelude to the formation of The Creative District Company (TCDC) an Urban Regeneration Company with interests that range from residential development to creative clusters, and most recently, TV and Film studio complexes.

TCDC also retains its operating platform and the fastest growing Studio network in the UK today – which took over the ownership of Twickenham Film Studios in 2020.

Piers Read and Co-Owner Partner Jeremy Rainbird alongside MD Cara Sheppard are heading up the full campus redevelopment and new era for the studios.

Piers Read, Cara Sheppard and Jeremy Rainbird are sitting next to one another, smiling at the camera. Twickenham Film Studios logos are painted in white on a black wall behind them.
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