The Earl of Wessex becomes new Patron of the Production Guild of Great Britain⁠

prince edward earl of wessex, the first Royal Patron for pggb

The Earl of Wessex has become the new Patron of the Production Guild of Great Britain⁠, the UK’s leading membership organisation for professionals working in film and television drama production.

To mark the new patronage, His Royal Highness today visited Twickenham Film Studios in West London, the UK’s oldest film studio. His Royal Highness met production crew at the studios to hear about their experiences of working in the industry, and the support provided by the PGGB, as he takes up his new role as Patron. The Earl also joined Oscar winner Tim Cavagin, who won for sound editing Bohemian Rhapsody, at the studio’s mixing desk to learn more about the craft and importance of sound editing in film and TV production.

HRH The Earl of Wessex with Oscar winner Tim Cavagin at Twickenham Studios

A Royal Visit for the earl of wessex

His Royal Highness is the first Royal Patron in the history of PGGB, which represents skilled professionals working behind the camera within the production office, accounting, locations, assistant directing, post-production and VFX. As well as providing industry advice, employment opportunities and training to UK crew, PGGB also works closely with national agency the British Film Commission to increase access to a diverse and experienced workforce. On becoming Patron, HRH The Earl of Wessex said: “The Production Guild of Great Britain provides incredibly valuable support to the UK’s production industry and crews, especially those in the less glamorous and visible roles. If we want more young people to consider a career in production, then we ought to be shining a brighter light on where the opportunities lie. I look forward to working with the Guild and trying to help them in their efforts to broaden access and inclusion within the UK production workforce.”

Twickenham Studios honoured to welcome hrH

Cara Sheppard, Managing Director of Twickenham Film Studios, said: “We were honoured to welcome The Earl of Wessex, a long-time supporter of our industry, to Twickenham Film Studios today. We were delighted to give His Royal Highness a tour of all of our filming stages and our BAFTA and Oscar-winning Sound and Picture department, and to introduce The Earl to some of our clients and in-house creative talent. It is hugely encouraging to feel the genuine support for increasing diversity and inclusion within our industry and attracting and training the next generation of filmmakers.”

The Earl of Wessex takes a keen interest in the arts and is Patron of a range of organisations that aim to widen opportunities within the sector, including the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain, Northern Ballet and The Orpheus Centre Trust.

His Royal Highness formerly worked in theatre and television production, before becoming a full-time working member of the Royal Family in 2002.

TFS celebrates International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day (IWD) is an annual international holiday celebrated on 8 March to commemorate the cultural, political and socioeconomic achievements of women around the globe. It also brings attention to women’s rights, including issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights, violence, and abuse against women.

On this day, we meet with Head of Production Cherri Arpino and Studio Coordinator Ruby Hornsey – view their interview on TFS’s Instagram. They give us their top tips on why they entered the film industry, how they look after themselves in a fast-paced environment and what are their favourite films.

If you wish to know more about jobs in the film industry and read Twickenham Film Studios’ Diversity and Inclusion policy, visit our careers page.

Could you introduce yourself?

Cherri >> My name is Cherri Arpino and I am the Head of Production at TFS.

Ruby >> My name is Ruby Hornsey and I am a Studio Coordinator at TFS. I sort out bookings and Client services at the Studio.

Why did you get into film and how did you enter the industry?

Cherri >> I was very young when I decided I wanted to get into the film industry. I was excited, I loved movies, I started watching movies from a very young – as we all did. I just decided I wanted to be a part of that life, I thought it was exciting, I wanted to be involved in the film making process. I decided I wanted to become the best film Director in the world. Instead, what ended up happening was I found my way into Post Production and I’ve stuck at it ever since and I’ve loved it.

Ruby >> I got into media in year nine, I picked it because it looked like fun and a less serious course than other subjects. Since then, I studied it at college and university which was fun. I like to perform as well, so studying media allowed me to perform as much as I could and again, it was creative and less scholar.

Ruby, how did you join TFS? Was there something that really surprised you about the famous film studios?

Two women are talking, sitting down on a sofa.

Ruby >> After finishing university, I was looking for work and did a few jobs here and there. I joined TFS as a part time Pool Runner, doing other jobs on the side. I started to do more and more at the Studio, I came full time and got my position as Studio Coordinator during lockdown. I have been learning since last summer and I am absolutely loving it.

What really amazed me at TFS is just how everyone gets along. I know it sounds really cringe, but everyone is so close here. And I guess I get to meet so many people in the TV and film industry which is very different from any other jobs that I’ve done. I get to meet everyone from every production. I’m the first and last person people talk to so I get to be – from beginning to end – part of the whole process.

Today is International Women’s Day. So, if you had a top tip to give to other women that wanted to get into the film industry, what would it be?

Ruby >> The industry is actually not as divided ‘men and women’ as I think people make it out to be. So, my top tip as a woman is to not come in scared that you’re going to be the only girl and that you’re going to be overshadowed by men, because that’s not how it is anymore.

I have not personally experienced that myself at the age that I am in this industry. Just go in with confidence – it’s because of my personality that I got the job that I got, so just go in and be you! And always have snacks…

Cherri >> It is something that I say over and over again and that I’ve also learnt on my journey to get into the film industry: be respectful but also make sure you receive respect.

As long as you keep those two things, you must be respectful of all times and that’s going to equip people to understand when people are taking advantage of them. It’s going to put you in a situation that’s going to set you above a lot of people and it’s going to make sure that you have a clear view on what you’re doing, that you can be fair, that you can make sure that people around you are looked after. And that is a big thing – you keep your integrity and you make sure you’re respectful.

Two women are talking, one standing up while the other is sitting down.

Cherri >> So many women are told when we first start out that you have to be a shark to succeed in this industry. I was told that a few times when I first started out. And it was really confusing to me because I didn’t quite understand what they meant – did that mean be horrible to people; did that mean be stand off-ish? It was a lot of pressure on me as they specifically told me that for being a woman.

It took me a few years to realise that it’s actually not the case. Just stay true to yourself, work really hard and people around you will understand that. Nobody needs to be a shark; nobody needs to be a nasty person just to survive in this industry. This is a creative industry; it’s a fun industry; it’s collaborative and it’s full of amazing people.

In terms of the physical side of getting into Production, it’s just about staying on it and building those relationships. That’s my biggest piece of advice.

Whatever job you go into, make those relationships because the film and TV industry is actually a very small world. Who you work with on the first film could very well be who you work with on the fifth and sixth and seventh. So, it’s about being humble, hardworking, and building those relationships.

If you had to pick one female working in the film industry?

Two twins women are sitting in Directors chairs.

Ruby >> I would probably have to pick Julie Walters. I mean, what an amazing person. She’s done everything plus she’s done so many news courses… and she looks great in her boilersuit in Billy Elliot – I love my boilersuits! She just seems like so much fun to work with and I would love to work with her. Julie Walters, I love you!

Cherri >> I’m a big fan of the Soska twins – Jen and Sylvia. They are sisters from Canada and horror Directors. There’s a film called American Mary which is amazing. It’s a great story, very stylised, different, and quirky but also quite respectful. It’s about the body modification world but it’s also got a bit of a philosophical take on it. They just have a lot of fun with it! They do what their passion is; they do what drives them and that really shows through. I love it.

Cherri, so what’s your favourite film then?

Cherri >> I’m a big horror film fan… I do remember a defining moment (it was the 80s, don’t forget this now) watching Hell Raiser – a classic horror film. That’s when I decided I wanted to be a part of that. In the 80s, we used to sneak off into the horror section at the video shop and read all the backs of all the films and dream of watching those one day.

Ever since then, I’ve watched horror films and I love them! They are exciting – some of them are rubbish but I even love the rubbish ones. It’s just the story, the mystery, some of them are ridiculous – I’m a big fan of fake horror like The Wicker Man, Hostel, Sharknado… I love anything that throws back to a B movie.

The idea of going into a cinema, having a laugh or being a bit scared, that’s part of the magic of film and TV for me. It’s escapism, you get lost in the world and some of it means more than others but to be honest it’s the experience of watching a film.

How do you manage your mental health while working in such a demanding and fast-paced environment?

Ruby >> I worry about and I rush into a lot of things. So, the best piece of advice I ever had from my own TFS manager is to just take a moment to breathe and think. And as simple as that advice sounds, just having a moment to breathe was the best advice anyone has ever given me. I also like to move location a lot – I am not a sit-at-your-desk person, I like to move a lot. And I mean, we’ve got The Terrace at TFS…

If you had to name your biggest female inspiration, who would that person be?

Ruby >> Sounding very cliché, I would pick my mum. Like I said, I got to where I was because of my personality and I owe this to my mum. She’s taught me to be nice to everyone. She’s liked by everyone and it seems like everyone compares me to her, which is really flattering to me.

Cherri >> This is probably going to seem a bit obvious, but I’m going to pick my mum. She grew up with severe hearing impairments, so she’s been deaf her whole life. She’s raised three kids; she’s worked really hard all through her life. She’s brought me up with a view to respect people and I think this is where it comes from – to care about the people around you, to really listen.

That’s the quirks of it: listen to what people are saying and to try and read their body language and understand what is going on with them. Often there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes and that continues to this day. She really is an inspiration to all of us.

Billy and Mrs Wilkinson are dancing, arms lifted up in the air.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Liam Gallagher releases Everything’s Electric shot at TFS

Electric's Electric Song Release

Liam Gallagher has released his brand new track, Everything’s Electric, available now on YouTube.

The song was co-written by Dave Grohl, lead singer of the Foo Fighters and drummer on this track, and its Grammy Award-winning producer Greg Kurstin. Managed by No Expectations Management, Greg Kurstin has worked with world-class artists like Adele, Sia, Pink and Kendrick Lamar.

Everything’s Electric will appear on the former iconic rock band Oasis frontman’s upcoming album.

About Liam gallagher's new album, C’MON YOU KNOW

Due to be released on 27 May, ‘C’MON YOU KNOW’ will be Gallagher’s third solo album.

The team was utterly excited to help Gallagher’s team shoot Everything’s Electric in Studio 3 at TFS. The video was directed by award-winning Filmmaker and Photographer Charlie Lightening, working alongside Cinematographer (DP) Daniel Lightening. Charlie has worked along some of the biggest names in the industry, including Paul McCartney, Jamiroquai and Kazabian.

Watch Everything’s Electric or read more about the upcoming album.

BFE Cut Above Awards 2022

British Film Editors and TFS partner to announce nominations for the BFE Cut Above Editing Awards 2022. The event will be streamed live and take place on The Terrace at Twickenham Film Studios on Friday 11 March.

BFE is a non-profit association of Film and TV Editors and Assistant Editors in the UK. Its aims are to celebrate in all its forms the art and science of Editing, champion the work of its members while nurturing new talent. The organisation is committed to bringing together professionals so they may share their experiences and practices, in the UK and beyond, and contributes to developing inclusion and diversity in the industry.

TFS looks forward to welcoming talented individuals from the industry.

Sarah Dicks joins TFS as Post Producer

Fresh from the last four years living and working in Australia, Sarah Dicks returns today to the UK and joins the growing Twickenham Film Studio family as a Post Producer.

Sarah Dicks's career

Managing Director Cara Sheppard previously worked with Sarah at Sky and is thrilled to welcome her to TFS. She looks forward to working closely with Sarah, alongside Head of Production Cherri Arpino, Head of Picture Stuart Bryce and the wider team.

While in Australia, Sarah worked at the Film and Advertising VFX facility house, Blockhead Studios as a VFX Producer working on several campaigns including Tourism New Zealand.

Sarah also undertook VFX Producer responsibilities on the multi award-winning film The Invisible Man, released in 2020. She also spent over two years working at Vandal Sydney – a leading animation, VFX, VR and Experiential studio.

Sarah brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge having produced high-end visual effects at The Mill, MPC and Framestore over the past 15 years as a Senior VFX Producer with creative highlights including Dr Who – 50th Anniversary trailer, Skins Series 7 Trailer and various commercials for Nike, Ferrero Rocher, YouView and Panasonic.


As Twickenham Film Studios continues their expansion and ambitious growth plans, Sarah’s arrival will further ensure the delivery of the best work across the full-service offering Picture Department to sit as part of the TFS world class Sound and Studios campus.

Sarah will be managing all key post projects, building key client relationships, and ensuring the end-to-end solution delivery, facilitating Dailies, VFX pulls, DI Colour Grading, high-end finishing and online, QC, mastering and final deliverables.

“I couldn’t be any more excited or prouder to be joining Twickenham Film Studios during this time of expansion and new era for the business. I have always thought so highly of the multi awarded studios and their legacy of such iconic work as The Italian Job and Bohemian Rhapsody as well as seeing their involvement in the likes of Oscar nominated features – Belfast, House of Gucci and No Time To Die. I look forward to joining the talented team and working on highly acclaimed directed and hugely creative projects so as to further build out the TFS Picture post offering and reputation.”, says Sarah.

Sarah Dicks is smiling at the camera.

Head of Production Cherri Arpino adds:

“We are thrilled to have Sarah join our studios adding to our expanding Post Production Picture team here at TFS. When we met Sarah, we instantly knew her warmth, energy, passion, and expertise was what we were looking for in our Picture team. Sarah further helps us deliver the most unparalleled full-service end-to-end solution for all our clients across the big screen and small screen. We look forward to supporting lots of existing long-standing clients, as well as key new clients, across all their needs from script to screen.”

Managing Director Cara Sheppard says:

“Having worked with Sarah previously and knowing her excellent track record she was the perfect hire to join our growing Picture post department. I am honored to lead such an exceptional team of talented professionals whose combined skills allow TFS to provide a complete dailies-to-delivery post-production experience. The creative projects the team are working on this year show the huge journey we are going on as a business and having Sarah bring her years of experience will make us guarantee the highest creative delivery.”

Watch the new TFS Picture Showreel or contact our team for help on your next project.

Global Movie Day celebration with TFS Managing Director Cara Sheppard

When is Global Movie Day?

Established by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Global Movie Day takes place every year on the second Saturday of February every year. This annual celebration aims to give film fans around the world a national day to celebrate their favorite features. This year, Global Movie Day takes place on Saturday 12 February.

Although we enjoy films every day of the year, we thought we’d highlight some of our TFS MD Cara Sheppard‘s top picks on Global Movie Day!

What’s your guilty watch at the moment?

Probably latest season of Ozark or After Life. And I couldn’t possibly confirm or deny if I binge watched all of ‘Emily in Paris’ in 2 days over Christmas!

What do you love most about movies?

The escapism and it takes you to another place. I think that’s something we’ve all needed at times in the past couple of years!

“What’s your favourite scary movie”?

Cape Fear – its brilliant! Both the original and the remake are very well done.

If you had to pick, would you go for a silent, a black and white or a 3D film?

Probably black and white. I used to love old B&W Hollywood Movies – the ‘Maltese Falcon’, ‘Casablanca’, ‘Brief Encounter’ – it was watching those that had a certain old Hollywood glamour to them that made me want to start working in the film industry.

If you could only choose one, what would be one of your favourite films TFS worked on?

The Italian Job – Michael Caine at his finest!

What are you planning to watch on #GlobalMovieDay?

Probably something we have worked on more recently that I haven’t had time to watch yet, like Kenneth Branagh’s ‘Belfast’ or ‘Last Night in Soho’ which are both up for Oscar and Bafta nominations shortly. Very excited to see both of those!

Check our work page for more inspiration on what to watch today.

Academy Awards have announced their nominees for Best Sound

Scheduled to take place at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, the 94th Academy Awards will honour the best films released between 1 March and 31 December 2021. The Oscars ceremony will take place on 27 March.

Congratulations to Simon Hayes, Oliver Tarney, James Harrison, Paul Massey and Mark Taylor who have been nominated for their work on No Time To Die – on which the TFS team (Adam Méndez as Foley Mixer, Sophia Hardman and Oli Ferris as Foley Assistant alongside Andrea King and Sue Harding as Foley Artist) worked with Foley Supervisor to carry out the Foley.⁠

Denise Yarde, Simon Chase, James Mather and Niv Adiri have also been nominated for their Sound work on Belfast. TFS was proud to have carried out Foley on this feature, with Sophia Hardman as Foley Mixer, Oli Ferris and Sue Harding as Foley Artists and Arthur Graley as Foley Editor. The TFS Sound team also completed the mix in the newly redesigned state-of-the-art Sound Theatre 2 with Mixers Simon Chase and Niv Adiri. Sound Design was by Sound Byte Studios and Supervised by James Mather.⁠

Good luck to all those shortlisted – see you on 27th March!

View the full list of nominees for the Oscars 2022 or read more TFS news.

Special collaboration with local filmmaker Devlin Crow, on film Being

Throwback to 2016 film Being, written and directed by Devlin Crow which was shot in London and Brighton in the late summer of 2016.

Being tells the story of Buddy, a young boy struggling to have a childhood while being a full-time carer for his mum with Multiple Sclerosis – until a new friend helps him live out an old dream.

Craig Irving mixed the short film, with fellow TFS Re-recording Mixer Wil Miller.

This was a very special collaboration with Twickenham Film Studios and the TFS team supported me in getting the mix created,” says Devlin “I have wonderful memories of that time and working with Craig and William.

Since the short was completed, the rock band The Who also supported the short film, for which they provided their music and have endorsed it as a recognised spin off from ‘Quadrophenia’.

Find out more about the feature on the Being website.

No Time To Die nominated for CAS Award with TFS Foley Mixer Adam Méndez

The Cinema Audio Society (CAS) announces its nominees for the 58th Annual CAS Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing for 2021 in seven categories, as well as ten Outstanding Product nominees.

After a virtual event in 2021, the 58th Annual CAS Awards returns as a live event on 19 March in the Wilshire Grand Ballroom at the InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown, with legendary director and producer Sir Ridley Scott receiving the Cinema Audio Society Filmmaker Award.

The CAS Award nominees are uniquely chosen by Sound Mixers, to celebrate excellence of the craft in the film and television industry. Hundreds of entries are reviewed and evaluated every year by experienced and accomplished CAS members who know the art and science of sound.

Thrilled to share that our TFS’s Adam Méndez has been nominated as part of the No Time To Die team for Best Motion Picture – Live Action.

Production Mixer: Simon Hayes
Re-Recording Mixer: Paul Massey
Re-Recording Mixer: Mark Taylor
Scoring Mixer: Stephen Lipson
ADR Mixer: Mark Appleby
Foley Mixer: Adam Méndez

Congratulations to Adam plus the whole No Time To Die Sound and Foley team and we look forward to a great show.

The full nominations list can be found on the CAS website.

TFS’s Sound and Foley teams nominated at MPSE Golden Reel Awards 2022

Nominees for the 69th annual MPSE Awards have come out this week and TFS teams have been nominated in two categories for their work on Belfast, Last Night in Soho and No Time To Die.

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Feature Effects / Foley
🎬 Belfast | Focus Features
Sound Designer: James Mather
Sound Editor: Tomas Blazukas
Foley Editor: Arthur Graley
Foley Artists: Sue Harding and Oliver Ferris

🎬 No Time to Die | Universal Pictures
Supervising Sound Editors: Oliver Tarney, James Harrison
Sound Designers: Bryan Bowen, Eilam Hoffman
Sound Effects Editor: Dawn Gough
Foley Editor: Hugo Adams
Foley Mixer: Adam Méndez
Foley Artists: Sue Harding, Andrea King

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Feature Dialogue / ADR
🎬 Last Night in Soho | Universal Pictures
Supervising Sound Editors: Dan Morgan, Julian Slater
Supervising ADR Editor: Dan Morgan

🎬 No Time to Die | Universal Pictures
Supervising Dialogue & ADR Editors: Becki Ponting, Michael Maroussas
Dialogue Editors: Rachael Tate, Adele Fletcher
Supervising Sound Editor: Oliver Tarney

Good luck to all!

View the full list of nominees on MPSE’s website.

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