Midas Man’: Biopic Of Beatles Manager Brian Epstein To Be Directed By Jonas Akerlund and Exec Production by Twickenham Studios

Midas Man, a biopic of The Beatles manager Brian Epstein, will be directed by multi-Grammy winner Jonas Akerlund (Lords Of Chaos).

DEADLINE  |   02/07/2020

Beatles Manager Brian Epstein Movie ‘Midas Man’ to Be Directed by Grammy Winner Jonas Akerlund at Twickenham Studios

Multi-Grammy winning director Jonas Akerlund is to helm “Midas Man,” a movie about The Beatles’ manager and music impresario Brian Epstein, it was confirmed Thursday.

VARIETY  |   02/07/2020

Jonas Akerlund to Direct Brian Epstein Biopic 'Midas Man' with Twickenham Studios

A biopic of music visionary, impresario and iconic Beatles manager Brian Epstein is in the works, with Swedish filmmaker Jonas Akerlund tapped to direct. 


Top director to shoot biopic about Beatles
manager Brian Epstein with Exec Production by Twickenham Studios 

An award-winning director, who has worked with Paul McCartney on music videos, is to direct a major British film about Brian Epstein, the visionary manager and impresario who took the music industry by storm in discovering stars from the Beatles to Gerry and the Pacemakers.

THE GUARDIAN  |   02/07/2020

Film to tell ‘extraordinary story’ of ‘fifth Beatle’ Brian Epstein working with Twickenham Studios 

Midas Man is billed as the “true and truly extraordinary story” of the man dubbed the Fifth Beatle.

It will be directed by Jonas Akerlund, best known for his music videos with Beyonce, Madonna and Lady Gaga as well as ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney.

THE EVENING EXPRESS  |   02/07/2020
RADIO TIMES   |   24/06/2020

How – and when – will TV dramas be able to start filming again?

Managing Partner Jeremy Rainbird talks to Radio Times about Twickenham Studios reopening and what comes next for TV Drama filming.

Twickenham Studios TV production and
social distancing

As TV and film production restarts, SKY News joined TW1 to look at the challenges of filming whilst following social distancing guidelines.

SKY NEWS   |   09/06/2020

Twickenham Studios reopens with covid-19 'STUDIO SAFE' measures in place and new TV Studios

We are pleased to announce that Twickenham Studios has reopened for business with important safety measures in place to guard against COVID-19, whilst at the same time showcasing a new TV studio. 

Twickenham Studios aims to attract TV shows on reopening after Covid-19 lockdown

EVENING STANDARD   |   04/06/2020

Twickenham Studios today announced it is reopening, with a new socially distanced site to attract TV broadcasters scrambling for filming space to fill their schedules.

Twickenham Studios launches TV studio for
post-Covid world

BROADCAST   |   04/06/2020

Twickenham Studios has opened a TV studio facility designed for a post-Covid world, with strict safety measures put in place to enable film and TV production to take place.

London’s Twickenham Studios Reopens With COVID-19 Measures in Place

VARIETY   |   04/06/2020

London’s Twickenham Studios, operated by Time+Space Studios, have reopened with safety measures in place to guard again COVID-19, and incorporating a new TV studio.

Major UK Studios Begin Opening Their Doors Again After Going Dark During The Coronavirus Crisis

DEADLINE  |   04/06/2020

Some of the biggest studios in the UK, including two at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, are beginning to open their doors again as UK film and television shoots take their first steps back into production.

Twickenham opens new TV studio facility

TELEVISUAL   |   04/06/2020

Twickenham Studios (TW1), operated by Time+Space Studios, has now officially opened a brand new television Studio facility at the West London base.

Investing Amid a Pandemic: Why Coronavirus Hasn't Stopped a U.K. Studio Fund


The co-founder of The Creative District Improvement Company — a $600 million fund aimed at U.K. studios that launched just days before film and TV production shut down — explains why it is moving ahead.

London tycoons Piers Read and Jeremy Rainbird in £500m film studios venture

EVENING STANDARD   |   02/03/2020

Two of London’s top TV and advertising tycoons have secured £500 million of institutional investment to build Britain’s first network of world-class film studios and capitalise on the Netflix-led boom in production.

UK investors launch £500m UK studio fund, acquire Twickenham Studios

SCREEN DAILY   |   02/03/2020

UK TV and advertising executives and property developers Piers Read and Jeremy Rainbird are leading a new fund which aims to invest £500m into the UK studio sector.

$640 Million U.K. Studios Fund Launches, Acquires London's Twickenham


The new fund aims to invest in a network of studios across the U.K. where production spend last year hit an all-time high.

Inbetweeners producer secures £500m funding for Twickenham studios

THE TELEGRAPH   |   02/03/2020

The producer of the Inbetweeners and a top London advertising tycoon have secured £500m in institutional investment for a network of film studios across the UK to meet the industry’s growing demand for studio space.

U.K.’s Twickenham Studios Set for Revamp in
$64 Million Deal

VARIETY   |   02/03/2020

The U.K.’s Twickenham Studios is set for major investment following a £50 million ($64 million) deal that has seen property developer General Projects and urban regeneration specialists The Creative District Improvement Company (TCDI) take a 50% stake in the studios.

UK investors launch £500m UK studio fund, acquire Twickenham Studios

SCREEN DAILY   |   02/03/2020

UK TV and advertising executives and property developers Piers Read and Jeremy Rainbird are leading a new fund which aims to invest £500m into the UK studio sector.

CITYAM  |   02/03/2020

Two British tycoons have snapped up Twickenham Studios as part of a £500m project to develop studio space to meet surging demand for new films and TV shows.

THE GUARDIAN   |  2019

Art deco building that was once home to Littlewoods could become ‘Hollywood of the north’

Dolapo Is Fine with post by Twickenham Studios shortlisted in American Black Film Festival + HBO Short Film Competition

The whole team are so proud that the short film Dolapo Is Fine working with Apatan Productions has been selected as part of the American Black Film Festival and featured in the HBO short film competition. Big congrats all involved on such a special film.


We loved working on the colour grade and online here at TW1 on this project alongside such a wonderful team.


Here's to August for the screening and to hear how we faire.

BROADWAYWORLD  |  25/06/2020  | 

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