Testing AR / VR gaming tech this weekend in TFS Studio for IBC Accelerator


We were proud to welcome Noitom aetting up in our TFS Studio 1 for a weekend of tech testing (and Vodaphone Coventry) for IBC #5gtechnology Accelerator.

With friends from Hado UK, Promod Esports, Digital Domain, Vodafone, Telenet, The park, QuarkXR, NetInsight, Huawei, NVIDIA and the superstar Muki Kulhan.

The team trialled a multi-location live XR eSports gaming broadcast using 5G technology.

Thanks to the whole team Mark Smith, Jim Sephton, Thomas Gere, Gary Trotman, Steven Hartley, Krasimir Nikolov, Gilles-Adrien Cenni, Marco Dias Silva, James Dean, John Canning, Richard Brown, Simon Demediuk, Mark McConachie, George Patchett, Tomasz Witkowski and Xiangyu Lian.


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