Twickenham Studios reopens with covid-19 ‘STUDIO SAFE’ measures in place and new TV Studios

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Studio Safe News


We are pleased to announce that Twickenham Studios has reopened for business with important safety measures in place to guard against COVID-19, whilst at the same time showcasing a new TV studio.

The opening of a brand new TV Studio facility is in conjunction with stringent and strict safety measures that will pave the way for Film and TV production’s ‘new norm’ which will set the industry standard in a post-COVID world.

The launch of a comprehensive STUDIO SAFE program covers everything from Total Safe Set – Studio/Theatre/Equipment Protocols and Procedures to protect cast and crew going above and beyond Government regulations and guidelines.

The STUDIO SAFE series of measures which are now in place include:

  • Undertaking social distancing measures – remote COVID training is available so that incoming productions understand the measure and can frame risk assessments around the new protocols

  • TW1 COVID app is in place – this features a self-certification from all staff, crew and suppliers arriving on site.

  • New COVID aware signage and complex wide swipe doors to safely limit human movement into certain areas.

  • TW1 staff will wear certified masks and gloves and are being issued with thermometers to conduct a routine daily temperature check. This is in addition to the self-declaration to confirm people have not been exposed to the virus.

  • TW1 staff will follow on set and in theatre protocols established by the industry task force and government guidelines

  • Additional cleaning staff have been hired and are on constant vigil, ready with sanitisation procedures. We can provide audits of exactly which area have been cleansed and when

  • TW1 have a bio-fogging specialist on standby to treat each space being hired by productions

  • All studios and equipment have localised Sanitation Stations at each entrance with identifying signage

  • TW1 have deployed rigorous new cleaning standards and include hand sanitisers fitted next to each door in the whole studio complex

  • Each space will be cleaned at the start and end of each day. In absolute alignment with green initiatives, Safe Set products will be earth friendly

Given the imperative to get this industry working again and with the ever-growing demand for original content Twickenham Studios knows the importance of opening safely in order to keep the production chain moving and protect the livelihoods of all within the industry. Measures introduced give an insight into the future of Film and TV production and how studios will be managed in this “COVID-era”.

This STUDIO SAFE program has allowed for a major Hollywood production to now be in situ, having begun work from last week, for a theatrical cinema release planned later this year.

This follows on from some of our most recent Twickenham Studios creative highlights which include our Oscar winning sound work on Bohemian Rhapsody, alongside Baby DriverNetflix’s The Witcher and ITV’s Belgravia.


New Twickenham Studios Managing Partners Piers Read and Jeremy Rainbird comment:

“With the measures we have introduced we think it is a perfect place for people to re-boot various production workflows by accessing the site safely and securely. Being set in a secluded location in the leafy suburb of Richmond offers several obvious advantages in these COVID-times, in contrast to more urban locations. We have done everything we possibly can in order to ensure the space is as safe as can be for everyone entering the site by maintaining clear protocols needed to work on set or in theatres.”

Co-Owner and Chairman of Twickenham Studios Sunny Vohra said:

“The film and tv industry provides thousands of jobs to individuals across the UK, many of whom are freelance and have fallen through the gaps in the government’s economic plans. With the demand for content and the need to entertain people through these turbulent times, we want to enable creativity and ideas to come to life safely.”

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